Company Introduction

ACTS (Advanced Control Testing Systems) Technologies Inc. is also a global manufacturer of innovative testing equipment for engineering research facilities. ACTS’ interdisciplinary approach and powerful new patent-pending control algorithms allow academics and industry to innovate faster, lower test costs and improve the performance of our engineered world.

With our testing equipment such as monotonic & cyclic testing, hybrid simulation, full-scale shake table, controllers, softwares are our strengths. We make sure the dampers go through a series of testings together with our advanced controllers and softwares to ensure our dampers products quality before we hand out the final products to you.

ACTS has been collaborated with world-recognized earthquake engineering research laboratories sharing the most recent seismic technologies in the industry. Over last decades, many remarkable earthquake engineering researches have been achieved by our engineering specialists in fields like, real-time hybrid testing for civil constructions, civil infrastructure systems evaluation, structural engineering, optimizing construction designs, seismic performance experimentation, dampers simulation and much more. Each research laboratory specializes in its own section of expertise. Our engineering specialists have been cooperating with them on different civil engineer projects across the globe.

ACTS teams include international experts from Universities in Buffalo, Berkeley and other seismic fields, established the damper brand ACTS-SDT (Smart Damping Technology). With their expertise in earthquake engineering, building design and structure analysis, we have managed to develop a whole new generation Dampers for the market and our dampers have been widely used in various buildings in North America.

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