Fluid Viscous Damper (FVD)

ACTS-SDT offers Fluid Viscous Damper (FVD), leads by international seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang, will simply and efficiently raise structural damping 20%~25% versus 1%~5% for a typical un-damped design. Our goal is to meet all technical performance applications outlined by the Structural Specification and provide a damper design with long service life.

The damper design utilizes an annular orifice technology that has no moving parts and meets the Damping Constitutive Law :

Choosing the right damper instead of any locking device or any speed damper , it is essential to meet designer’s need. In order for the damper to maximize results in energy dissipation and reducing shock, the best way is to build dampers that perfectly match the damper formula and provides designers a choice when designing the dampers.

ACTS suggest α=0.3 ~ 0.5 or equivalent

When a =1 , it is linear damper.

When a ≠1 , then it is known as nonlinear damper.

a =0.3 ~ 0.5 in most engineering projects.

DAMPER Comparison

Linear damper is more likely to get damage when moves beyond design values. Bilinear damper replieson valves and very likely to have errors. Nonlinear damper allows faster speed and wider frequency ranges, it is safe and can endure more shakes .

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