The main production place of the ACTS-SDT product is located at City of Burnaby in BC, Canada.  Our tradesmen are highly skilled professional who can deliver the best plating results for your application whether it's external diameter or internal diameter plating. Our polishing and cylindrical grinding process deliver smooth finish and precise tolerance.


Our factories are experienced in processing steel, iron, unwrought steel, aluminum, copper and brass. We do it all: Boring, milling, drilling, honing, precision grinding and welding. Our machine shop is fully equipped with CNC lathes and machining centres, Conventional lathes, Milling machines, drill press, cylindrical and surface grinders, regular and production hones. 

ACTS ACTS-SDT Manufacture, production5850 Byrne Rd, Burnaby #18, BC V5J 4Z2 canada ; Unit 18 - 5850 Byrne Rd, Burnaby, BC V5J 4Z2 canada

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